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Free Portuguese Lessons Verbs.

Free Teach yourself Portuguese Guide.

Here you will learn some useful verbs.

Lesson 7:  Verbs.

First you will learn how to conjugate the verbs.

In Portuguese there are 3 different classes of verbs: verbs ending in “ar”, verbs ending in “er”, verbs ending in “ir”. Each class of regular verbs has its own pattern of termination when conjugated.

When conjugating regular verbs in Portuguese you just have to preserve the root of the verb and substitute“ar”, “er” or “ir” for the following terminations:

So we have the verb Falar. This is an AR verb because it ends in AR.

To conjugate this verb if you want to say

I speak you change the AR end to an O so it is Falo.

To use the past tense you use the end EI Falei I was speaking.

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Portuguese 5 day, months, years

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