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What to do if involved in accident in Portugal.

Procedures to follow if you are involved in an accident

Living in Portugal is a dream come true for most Expats but at some time you may be involved in a road accident. The accident may not be your fault and you may not have caused it but if you are involved you still have a responsibility by law. There are procedures you must follow if you are ever involved in an accident. You would be wise to take note of these as it may impact on your car insurance if you do not  follow the correct procedure.

Portuguese Roads Are Getting Safer.

Portugal used to be one of  the most dangerous places to drive in Europe and the world with a high rate of death on the road. Over the last couple of decades the Portuguese authorities have taken measures to improve the situation and this is why they take their driving laws very seriously. But no matter how stringent the driving laws in Portugal are accident will happen. So here are what you need to do when involved in a car crash or vehicle accident in Portugal.


Keep calm, Get people safe, Alert others.

A road accident is necessarily shocking, so it is essential to keep calm and act thoughtfully so that help is organized quickly and efficiently:

• Activate the vehicle's hazard warning lights, switch off the ignition and apply the parking brake as far as it will go,

• Put on your self-reflective vest and make sure your passengers do it too,

• Evacuate the vehicle on the right side and keep everyone as far away from the road as possible; If you are on the highway go behind the security fence,

• Place your warning triangle at least 30 meters before the accident site, if you have a torch or some sort of light you should use this during the night, be visible but dont put your self in danger, dont take risks.

Alert the authorities and give them as much info as you can

To contact the emergency services, preferably use the emergency call stations. If you use your mobile phone you must contact 112 (European number).

Describe as precisely as possible the location and circumstances of the accident, the number and condition of the injured and the type and number of vehicles involved in the accident. The emergencies were contacted? You must now contact your insurance, at the number communicated to you with your contract.


Contact your insurance

In the event of a road accident in Portugal, it is necessary to fill the "Declaração Amigável de Acidente Automóvel" (DAAA), the equivalent of the amicable report.

According to the instructions of the "Instituto de Seguros de Portugal", the DAAA must expressly mention complete and detailed information on the identity of drivers, vehicles, insurance and also possible witnesses. You can find the names of insurance companies and font numbers on the sticker affixed to the windshield. Each driver must keep a copy of the DAAA that will be given to his insurer to initiate the procedures.

It is recommended to photograph the accident site, vehicles and damage. An amicable finding is obviously the best solution, but sometimes drivers can not come to an agreement. In this case, each driver must complete the declaration on his side and give a copy to the insurer of the other party. You will not have any other solution than to call the police in case of dispute or categorical refusal of the other driver to complete the DAAA. In the case where one or more of the drivers does not have an available form, the declaration may be made on any piece of paper (it must of course be signed by all parties involved).

If there are witnesses, carefully note their names and full contact information. If the driver has no insurance (which is illegal), write down the registration number of his vehicle and immediately forward it to the police and your insurer who will take the action. Finally, send the insurance claim to your insurer as soon as possible! Indeed deadlines are respected to be compensated to the maximum.

As you will have understood in Portugal, the procedures are very similar to those that can be found in other European countries. The most important thing is to have your vest self-reflective, insurance to date and especially to know how to keep calm.

Things you need to know if you are involved in a car accident while driving in Portugal.

The Procedure if you are in an accident in Portugal.

What are your responsibilitys by law if at any time you are involved in a car/vehicle accident while you are driving in Portugal.

Please read this carefully as the Portuguese take things very seriously if you are not abiding by all the driving laws.